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IAAPA Expo Asia Virtual Conference announced

Don't miss your chance to participate in the IAAPA Expo Asia Virtual Conference hosted by IAAPA Asia Pacific on the new IAAPA Connect+ platform. Scheduled for June 21-22, you will learn from key players in the Asian market, gain insights on what's taking place in the region, learn more about sustainable operations, workforce initiatives and more. Get all the details!

Exhibit, Sponsor, and Advertise during IAAPA Expos 2022

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your organization, products, and services to the forefront of the global attractions industry. Opportunities are now available: IAAPA Expo Europe, and IAAPA Expo.

Future IAAPA Expos Dates


  • IAAPA Expo 2022: Orlando, Florida, United States (Nov. 15-18)

IAAPA Expo Europe

  • IAAPA Expo Europe 2022: London, United Kingdom (Sept. 12-15)

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Dana Jasat

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Shereth Nunes

Manager, Global Sales
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Cyrus Cheung

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Annadora Buonocore

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Diane Williams

Digital Experience
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