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Young Professionals Webinar + Exchange Session: Levelling up from Student to Young Professional

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online
Member Price: $0

Time: 17u30 CET - 19u15 CET


Join our third IAAPA EMEA Webinar + Exchange, where participants will learn from an IAAPA Webinar and then connect with peers in a small group setting.

Even though there are limited university courses available for students interested in the Amusement Industry, many teens leave high school with a common goal:

    • to secure that dream job in an attraction
    • to be a roller coaster designer
    • to draw up these fantastic places where people come to enjoy themselves

Going from being a student to landing the career of your dreams is not as simple as going from A to B. IAAPA invited some former students who recently made their dream happen. These speakers will tell the story of their journey and are happy to interact with you after the presentations in an exchange session. IAAPA staff will also shine a light on how the association can help you grow your network and expertise, which might be instrumental to making your goal happen.


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The event is free of charge for Members & Nonmembers of IAAPA.


Photo of Koen Huijben

Koen Huijben

Designer, Toverland